Email a list of the domains you would like to post to Please be reasonable in your pricing. The time of million dollar domain names is hereby declared to be over, at least until it happens again. You must own the names you submit, and absolutely no porn/gambling names will be featured. There is no charge to list with us for the time being, and we do not harvest emails. If you sell a name with our help we humbly request that you donate $10 or so to a charity, such as Amnesty International. However, if you sell a name for $1 million or more then you may buy us a quality used car or a house or an island someplace.

To submit names, include the following information. Domain name, your email, asking price, catagory, optional second and third catagorys, up to 100 character promotional slogan. This can be in a spreadsheet format such as excell or tab delimited text file. You should know that many names that are submited are rejected, often because we evaluate them as overpriced and/or low quality. This selection process isn't going to be scientific, but a rather a series of quick decisions as no one is paying for this. You're best bet is to send list your of domains with some good ones at the top of the list. If we get an enourmous list of weak names it'll be harder to enthusiastically read the entire thing! Please don't be offended, this site isn't charging and there are other domain name websites that do accept everything. The problem is that none of the potential buyers wants to wade through these extensive lists, and by the time they've read 400 strange names they often can't remember why they want a website in the first place. does not and will not use the domains you send in to put on email lists. However, if your names are posted publically in a list, be aware that some people or robots may see these names online and will probably put them into their spam machines. If there was some way to prevent this from happening, BayDomains would do so.

Strict No Spam policy
In order to use this listing, you must agree to respect the email privacy of anyone who inquires about one of your domain names and agree not share their email address with any other party or communicate with them beyond a reasonable dialogue about the potential domain name transaction. Any violations will mean immediate delisting. Furthermore, you may not advertise or promote or any pages on by using spam or by any similar means, nor may you submit names which have been associated with or used to spam previously. If you have a legitimate idea about promotion of or your listed domains you can always contact us and we can discuss it. At BayDomains, we feel the best promotion is to maintain a top quality respectable listing.